Friday, March 18, 2011

Qay's Rings!!!!!

flowery and tea set!!! you're gonna love it!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

sweet bites

look what i made on fashion design class


t-shirt tie dye tutorial

hei guys,,, long time no see,,

i joined this challenge hoping not to late for february submission( sorry,, my phone said 2day is 28th)

i was planning to make an elastic skirt,, but i dont know what happend with that plan,,, so,,, this month i just gonna share what i learnt at textile class about last week because i was so good at it,, hahaha

first,,, make a sketch on your shirt

then,, stitch it with simple stitch,, let both of the ends about 10 cm

pull and tie tight each ends,

a little elastic band here and there

boil with textile coloring and a ittle salt about 15 minutes

dry under the sunlight

untie all the knot,,,,tarararararara

t-shirt tie dye tutorial