Thursday, December 30, 2010

16 days challenge : day 14

Oh i hate this skirt,, it has a mermaid cut,, awkward. but it was rhe only modest skirt i could find when i just learned to be a hijabis. but i gained my weight ,, and now it's no longer modest

cut it into a mini skirts

sew on the right side

and let the bottom unfinish just like this dress

cut the bottong of the skirt about 5 cm to get longest rope

and sew to the bag

16 days challenge : day 13

i had this fancy leggings since i was in junior high school,, and i found it in the same place my mom found her wedding kebaya

unless your thights are bigger than your head,, cut it right in crotch ,

just take what's needed

fold and sew,, ohya,,, stretch a little bit when sewing because both of the ends have different diameter,, but if will be no problem when you wear it

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

16 days challenge : day 12

Another liliput project idea

My boyfriend is in town,,,, so today me and him had a date and checked my store renovation progress. he helped me for the colors

the amunitions again

wrapwrapwrap,,,,, i used tiny blunt nails i used for knitting marker charm bracelet

not my best so far,, i made it while my boyfriend was driving

16 days challenge : day 11

I only had these:

about 75 cm extra fabrict with width not more than 125 cm left.

just gonn make simple tunic,, use the pattern from this Qay's closet product. but it still need to be modified to fit the fabric

look,,i really need some space

all the little piece and lace

Sunday, December 26, 2010

16 days challenge : day 10

It's my mom's wedding dress,,, she found it yesterday and let me have it. i'm not gonna wear it for my wedding,, i want irish crocheted broken white dress or imitation of grace kelly's wedding dress. not shocking pink puffy kebaya like this.hahaha,,,,,,but it can be a fun statement jacket.

oowh,, my mom was so tiny

The kebaya doesn fit my dummy,, but at least you can see the opening system

bye bye button placked and buttons!!!

these buttons is older than me!! look at that!!!

Just like that!! done!!finish!!

Anyway,, it's my Qay's flare jeans ,, you can order it

16 days challenge : day 9

i wanted this ESPRIT dress long time ago,,, really want it soo bad. but unfortunately,, the price is too high for my unemployed pocket. i really want it until i cant find it anywhere again. so saaaaad,,,, Then,, suddenly,, i found it in the middle of somewhere in Bogor when i and my boyfriend was having a date,,, And lucky me,,, it's only cost not more than a quarter from it's original price!!!!

But here's the problem:

it's the only piece and my size is six. i incist to buy it anyway,, with plan to resize it. And i did!!! yesterday!!

first,, unseam the darts and the side seam,and the zipper,,,

i keep the neckline and the armholes,,i wanted to shortened the length because midi skirt, midi tunic, midi dress,, all makes me look shorter,, i like maxi or mini. at least a litle above my knees. But in this case,, i dont wanna ruin the bottom edge part,, so i make a cutting in the middle,, in my fave part,, a little above my waist (it makes me look taller)

i used tha pattern i allready made for 6th day challenge. i have no time to make the new one.

After sew them back together again

Saturday, December 25, 2010

16 days challenge : day 8

not really my idea. i found it somewhere long time ago. i forgot.. i used extra fabric from these skirts


very long cords,,,

twist and wrap

ok,, need a little touch,,

see what i've got

hellow little turle,,


Anyway,,, have you visit my store??