Monday, September 20, 2010

express make over

4 am :This is my first day at school and i have no clotes at all. i mean it!!!! we ran out of clotes. the woman who usualy ironing our clotes hasn't come. so they're (my clotes i mean) abandoned and turned into clotes hill. seriously,,, i'm entering fashion school and all my "fashionable"items(i think) are in the middle of nowhere ( inside the hill actualy). i only had old items that never been wore anymore. most of them are my last school "fashion" elements. i supposed to be scientic,, mathemathician,, statistician, actuary,,, u named it. so just like any other girl in that faculty(almost) . my style is more concervative. i almost never wore them anymore . some of them become too small for me,, some is too old school,,some is mallfunctuon for hijab look,, some are in the colors that i dont really like,, and the rest,,,, well,,i just hate them. but i have THIS:

i bought it because we had a dresscode for book class photo session. and this one is the only batik shirt that i like( i like skirt more). but the problem is in the sleeves. not to long ,,not too short. you can see my elbow. i wore it once more when i go to work( but i quit later) over a long sleeved t-shirt. but it become so ridiculus. i hate it. later i try it over a ballon sleeved shirt. but not getting better. i cant wore it under a jacket or another outwear. check this out:

no hope. its a bellshape sleeves . i would grow some arm muscles if i wore it under an outwear. ugly. it's one kind of modest clotes that only look cute on unhijab girl. i didn't guarantee it would solve the problem,, but i have a solution. rite,, free the shirt from the problem sleeves

5 am : start unsew the sleeves

5.30 : start to seam the messy armholes

6.00 : my sewing machine is brokeen T_T. but lucky me i finished it

7 am : take a picture!!!!!!!!!!!

how do you think? below is my oufit today. i wore my sisters unironed pink t-shirt under ,, and one of the concervative skirt( not mine actualy,, its my sisters. mine is exactly like this but in green)

still have no convidence to walk in fashion school :'( . the worst is i forgot that we have id card photo session today. it's gonna be in my student id card all the year. i'm not sure about the dress. i wore no make up at all. do i look like designer gonna be?

look at my scarf. i dare you to find out how i wrap my scarf. ;-)

Friday, September 17, 2010

bandung day three

did i do the crime again?? T_T

yup,, i mean patterned dress plus patterned shawl,,,

but i love it

still with the same red sneakers. i wont bring much shoes on vacation. i also only bring one bag. but there's a ketchup spot on it.

summer knitted top

my second finished knitting project.

well,, my boyfriend wasn't here. he used to take almost every picture about my creation. so i tried to be miss independent now. i took my own pictures . how is it??

i'm so tired of wearing plain white t-shirt under almost every little dress i made when i have to make a picture of it. so i decided to borrow my sister's prisoners shirt. dangerous idea,, dont you think? with baby pink,, and wide pipe blue denim pants.

the detail in this top is hpw i make the lower part become A-line,,, and the ruffles and the flowers. about the flowers,, my plan was these buttons :

but i cant find them anywhere in my space. so i replace them with flower shape shell beads. unfortunately,, when i unpack my suitcase when i get to bandung,,, i found them. IN MY SUITCASE!!! i have no idea how they could be there.

bandung day one

just wanna share my look in the first day of our vacation

i wear my t-shirt make over on previous post.

then we go shopping and having dinner,, i play with my old big belt and denim coat

i know that wearing denim tux is a fashion crime,, but because the color of the pants and the coat is in different tone,, and both is blue jeans,, i guess that's fined

Sunday, September 12, 2010

cheapy white t-shirt make over

Remember my last post? i decided not to waste anything. i mix it with a plain white t-shirt that a bought months ago. just Rp5000,- .

they're gonna be one piece of dress.

first,, i add the fabric a little bit above the waist line ( i like this line cos it can make you look taller) to be the skirt of the dress.
look how i attach them! not in regular way .

but i still feel it's too plain.

so the next day, i trim off the sleeves and colar.

add these ruffles on arms holes

and little flower from the cord

here is the dress

isn't it so cute?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

get shorter

At first,, i bought it for my self years ago. but when i brought it home,, i realize that it will be a cute maxi dress on my little sister. so i gave it to her. but know she's turning into a big girl. she's getting taller. so suddently,, yesterday i decided to change it into a little dress. not maxi or midi. so she can wear it ouside over jeans because i hate seing a hijabist girl,, especialy early tenagerslike my sister or "not to tall" girl wearing midi,, then insert jeans or an undergarment inside like legging or tights. the reason is not only what i mentioned before. but also it makes u look shorter.

In this dress,,, not only the length,, but i'll fix this unnecessary cord

so here it is,,,,,,,

i still have this extra fabric. i'm working on it,, ill post it latter

Tips for you.,,, if you're 15 or above and hijabist,, this kind of dress( with lot of elastic smocked details on top) is not cute on you at all. it's only look nice on little girl or junior high schooll girl with tiny body. But if you insist,, make sure the smocked is covered with your hijab or cardigan

Saturday, September 4, 2010

first give away

i know it risky ,, but let me try,,,

All of you have a chance to get this cheongsam recycle

all you need to do is answer this question( in english or bahasa indonesia) :

1. why do you thing you should get this cheongsam?
2. give me an idea how to wear this cheongsam so it would be hijabfriendly( it doesn't mean you should be a hijabist)

then send your answer ,, and dont forget your name,, phone number and adress where i sould send i in case you win to

the winner will be drawn in october,, so take your time

cheongsam make over

i've been inspired with this girl. she recycle old dress averyday. i cant work that fast.

So i started with the old things that has been in my closet for too long.

i'm not the kind of girl who send everything back or burn everything from "the guy from the past"when the story is over . i keep the nice materials. maybe it would be usefull sometimes. and the rest,,, will end up just like all my stuff.

it's gift fom my "ex-boyfriend" ( till recently i found out that more than a year after our relationship is started he declared in what he wrote that he doesn't have someone special. i know,,, pathetic. )

the reason why i would never wear it is ,,, i would feel just the way he feels when hanging out with me then accidentaly meet someone he knows. but in this case i cant tell the dress "go hide!" . i mean,,, look at the shape,, the color, and dont forget cheongsam has these on both sides,,

start from big hip line . how would you expext me to wear it so it would be hijab friendly?

So,, what should i do ?? sure,, manipulate this gift from mr.manipulator. started with this giant scissor

Get it short!!!!

paddy paddy paddy,,, go away!!!!

trim the edge by machine

HERE IT IS,,,,,,,,

the rest should be a bag,, but,,


to be continue

note :
love will find you behind the smiley friendly face, not the arogant one :-)


Dear reders,,(if you're exist) i need to confess before my blog going nowhere. First time i made this blog,, it supposed to be hijab fashion blog,, like hega rehab or any other blog like that. but i have to admitt( finnaly) that i'm not a writer,, not fashion jurnalist,, not criticus,, i observe fashion sometimes ,, but not an observer. and maybe i'm not really a fashionista . i tried to fit in to that community,,, but it feels to hard for me to be in.

i dont know how to write,, or make a review,, and i dont have that confidency to show my face in public

So,, im gonna back to be the true me. be my self. i'm a crafter. look at my old blog! see??? i like to create,, or recycle,, from nothing to something. especially something that i can wear. i dont know if that makes me a fashionnista or not.

then,, from now on,,, this blog will more likely about my creation. i would still write about fashion like any other hijab fashion blogger,, or put my look pictures,, but i wont push my self that hard anymore( because that's what makes this blog is almost death besides i've been too busy preparing my own line)