Thursday, April 29, 2010

preparing for your big day????

girls,,, ask your self! what is The most awaited day of your entire life? if you ask me, well,, like in the bride wars movie,,, it's my wedding day,, soo,, if that day is so special for you,,, and it's coming soon,, i'll help you to plan it!

here,, i'll help you based on your budget.


You gotta have the groom! no matter you have low budget or high budget


guess what!!! a little thing that can make you feel like a princess!!! yep!!! your gown!! if you are a hijabist,, you should know which you may wear and may not . i'll write about it later on my other article. i like something simple like these dresses


if you have high budget
,, call the real designer,, who can make the original one for you. and for hijabist,, make sure the design suitable for your hijab,, and doesn't look,,,,, (ap bahasa inggrisnya dipaksakan?)

if you have low budget,, buy wedding magazines,, find the right gown for you,,, ask your tailor to make it,,,,, buy white shoes,, add the details and the blink blink on you own just like my cousin years ago,, you wont belive how fun it is

ps : do not forget to dress your groom,,, and your family

for the event it self,, if you have a high budget and a little time ( maybe you have a fulltime job),, you can hire an event organizer. here's what you need to know if u gonna hire one:
1. make sure the event organizer you hire isn't the bitch who had an affair with your funds contributor or the event will be a lot lot overbudget, and the most important,,, they must not have an affair with your groom,, or you will and up like in the wedding planner movie( just kidding)
2. the commission you should pay to the event organizer shouldn't be higher than your entire budget,, they usualy use the system gratuities. So if your EO ask 10% and your wedding cost about $ 10,000 (for example), they only have $ 1000 right,, means,, if your budget is exactly $ 10,000 not more,, tell them your budget is $ 10/11* 10,000 (you do the math)
few days ago,,, we have a deal with dis EO,, for 2 hours event in home and just about 70 guest!! and it cost about $ 3000,,,, i dont know what system she used ,, if i count it my self,,, it will not cost more than $1000 or maybe just $500,, so yeah,, i feel like being gullible. well just wanna share you so you can learn.
3. you should have the image on your mind what your wedding would be,, the theme,the color,,,, tell them your idea! remember,,, it's your day! not them, it should be about you.(for example,,i dont like the idea of the donation box on the receptionist table( what am i?? eartquake survivor or what?) so i'm gonna tell them
4. they'll tke care of the decoration, catering, invitation,, everything and maybe your gown if you want it

but if you have lower bdget,, you should do it on your own,, heeey,,, cheer up!!! it's not as ugly as you think,,, you could ask your fammily to help,,, yout aunty,, your coussin,,your sister,,, and whoalla!!!! you have a legion,,

soo,,, what you need for a wedding??



if you have high budget,,
,, ask your parents and your in-law-gonna-be to make their guest list,, then you and your boyfriend of course,,, nothing's wrong to invite their relation,, your parents must be so happy and wanna share with their friends too,,,and it might be good for their career (well,,dont really know) and you gonna have a lot of present!!!(hehehe,,,,,) make the invitation as beautifull as you want it!! they will come ( i think there's someone out there who work as invitation designer)

if you have low budget,, shorten your guest list,, invite only family and close friend,,, the rest is unnecessary,, make your invitation on your own if you like craft,, scrapbook,,and something like that,,, but if you dont ,,, ask your artist friend to design it and sent them by email( i dont really like it anyway)


the place,,,,,

if you have high budget,, rent a hotell ballroom or hall,,, but remember,, they usualy have a waiting list,, so you sould decide long before your wedding day

if you have a low budget,, just use your home( but i hate it when you have to seal the road around your house just because you have this once in life time event. my idea is,,, use the field or court near your house,, ,,, decorate it!! that can be beautiful too.


the decoration,,,, your pallace for a day

if you have high budget,,

if you have high budget
,, your EO will take care of it but sould have your own concept,,

if you have a low budget
,, or you just an artistic designer like this girl aifa,, you can design your own wedding organizer,,, you must be proud!!



if you have a high budget,, you can pick your own design,, and order it as you like it.

if you have low budget,, dont be so lazy to haunt in your local wholesale market!,, or you can make it on your own,, nowdays,, alot of craft you could learn,, ask your famyly and friend to help you,,, just like my friends who's getting married on this september


documentation,,,, for me,, it's the most esential one,,,, my holy day should be kept,, and i like in the artistic way. for you who'r in the whole-preweding photoghraphy-is haram,, at least you keep the wedding,,, ( instead of making prewed photos,, i'm planing to make the "pasca-wed" one,,, isn't that nice?)

if you have high budget,, don't be so cheapy to rent profesional photographer,, it's your moent of lifetime

if yo have low budget,, find a friend of you who's really good in photography,,,, it's gonna be beautiful,, because your friend know you,,,,

eight,,and the last
the most important part for the guest!!! consumption!!!!!!!

if you have high budget,, hire most talented chef you know,, like the decoration,, you should have your own concept,, or maybe chef is to high for your budget,,, hire a local catering,, whatever you chose,, here's what you should know!
- the portion you need is 5 times the number of guest list if most of your guests have a family and little cildren,,, and just 3 times the number of guest list if most of your guest s are single or already have adults kids
- you have to taste the food days before the wedding day!!! if it doesnt taste good,,, CANCEL IT!!!!
- someone has to check the process and the ingredient!! maybe you will be too busy with your gown and make up,, so!! sent your sister,,, or your friends!! someone you trust and has no relation to this catering or cheft!!! believe me it's sooooooo important!!! why?????? because,,, the consumption of the event we had few days ago,,, tasted awful!!!! after all the guests went home,,,, we acidentaly find the expiresd date label on the basic incrediant the international chef made ,,,, and guess what!!! i's expired!!! omg!!! we owe an apologize to these guests,,, but i have no capasity to do it,,,, i just cant say we're sorry,,
- the menu you chose should suit your guests flavor,,, if you're indonesian and most of your guest is indonesian,, serve gudeg,, if you're arabian,,, serve the kebuli or something.

if you have a low budget
,, ask your relation who can cook so well to handle the consumtion,,, ask your another relation to help,,, or,,, i have this funny idea,,
call all the cadger you know,,, collect them in one place your party would held,, give them down payment,, so your guest will free to eat,,, and ask them to ask you to cover the shortage on the end of the party..

how??? is your wedding day gonna be so much fun??

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burqini vs swimwear

Today is tuesday. means,,,, it's my swimming day!!!! yuhuuuuu,,,,,,,,, I'm not really a swimmer actualy,, i can swim,, but not as good as those athletes. I swim just because i hate sports!! i hate being sweaty,,, and from all those spotrs i hate,, well,, for me swimming is the only way to keep me in shape,, so,, i swim 3 times a week,, each takes about 30 minutes.urgh!!!

like usual on weekdays, i swam in public swimming pool near my house,, just need a few steps to get there. and just like always,, i looked diferent!! no one look like me!!

the problem is,,, i'm full time hijabist (well,,80%-90%)So,, here,,, i'm talking about burqini. For me,, burqini is unnecessary (gotcha!!!!! i look diferent not because i wear burqini! i'm the only one who don't. i wear regular swimsuit). What do you think? burqini = swimwear+ hijab . is that where the idea come from?? now i'll tell you my opinion why it doesn't work:

hijab should :
-cover all of your body exept your face and hands
-not form fitting to the body
-not be semi transparent. or transparant
- be thick to prevent the shape of the body from being seen

swimwear should:
- elasticity and stretch
- form fitting your body so you can be free to swim

see?? they can't be mixed. look at these picture!

i will never ever wear it!! they can see my boobs,,my legs,, my waist shape,,everything exept my hair. what's the point????,,, or maybe you wear something like this pic ?

it's hijab,, but not swimwear,, i hate it when i swim and those extra fabric flying everywhere because it doesn't form fitting!!! very disturbing

so,, my sugestion is,,
- ask your local public pool do they have female-only-day , just swim on dat day!!!
-it would be great if you have your own pool,, you can swim anytime
- if you are hijabist,, public waterpark is not for you! just face it! wet is not suitable for your hijab
- public beach too!!! just sit on the sand and have fun with it!! (keep your clotes on)hehehe.

unless there's only female around you(especially moeslim) you only need to cover your waist area to your knee.. soooooo,,, if you wear burqini to swim,, it's your choice. but please leave those girls who show a litle bit of their arm and shoulder up alone,, oke?? please,, get a life

Monday, April 26, 2010

Crochet do and dont

Well,, maybe some of you have already known me from my previous blog. As you can see,, i'm a crocheter,,, i'm addicted to yarn and hook..

and now,, i have some tips for you who want to wear your work,, or maybe buy some crochet oufit

Do :

- for you who live in tropical country,,, only wear open work crochet for your outfit! if you do like textured crochet,,, apply it to a bag!! look at this angelina's Darel Syracuse bag!! don't we love it?????????

- monocrhome color for your crochet!! classy. OK,, two is the maximum number!!

- just one item of crochet in every look

- cotton and fine yarns only

- add some crochet detail to your basic


- detail on your bust and butt area! especially in round shape

- big round detail on tummy area! dat makes you look pregnant!! (it's for you too preggo girls!!!!)
- to many color!!! crochet gives you a heavy look,,, so be smart!

poor cate blanchett,, she looks like she should change her name into "cate blanket"

-crochet head to toe! thats not cute!

-bulky yarn! heavy,, and stiff,, you wont wear it twice! believe me!!i know,,

last,,,,, it's so risky to wear crochet work,, so be careful,, you can be faboulous or weird,,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Minnie mouse dress

Meet my little sister, Ilma,,,, I design and created this dress on my own,, especially for her,,,

here's the dress

measuring and making the pattern is quite chalanging,,, she's just 11 years old,,, not a little girl,,not yet a woman,, you know what i mean.

the fabric i used is cotton,, in two colors,, red polka( that's why i call this mm dress) her favorite color and black. so comort if only you can touch it. i added 2 box pleats as the detail of this empire line dress and made this black line around the neck,, arm hole and back area wich is the hardest part of making this dress.

hope the design is "age-appropiate" enough for her. what do you think?