Monday, June 21, 2010


So proud of my self. now i can knit, crochet, sew, and make my own batik. i's always fun to learn a new skill

Sunday, June 20, 2010

ruffle top dress

you dont have to have pattern drafting skill to make this dress. got the instruction here . like usual,,, i love coton. so i used cotton.

i'm not really stisfied with this dress. i follow the instruction and get used with the measurement in inches . but my chest measurement much more smaller than my full bustline... so i cant breath easily in that dress.

however,,, i love the idea. makes my boobs looks smaler and makes me looks cuter.hahaha,,,,, i'll make another one with serious pattern drafting and more accurate bust measurement

Sunday, June 13, 2010

YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!!(legging& thights vs hijab)

well,,, i dont wanna be a hijab police. why should i care??? they're big gurlz,,, so are you!!! but my sirens can't stop singging!!!!!!! "nguingnguingnguing" i'm so bored of hearing it yelled in my ear "GO GET HER !!!!!!". so,,, i will just be quit and show you!!! a lot of sisters have already told you on their blog. i dont need t do it again

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

recycle dress

I used to have this "taylormade"-boring-wool-skirt long time ago. But as long as i can remember, i only wore it twice. Hate the shape,, hate the way the tailor add the darts,,, hate the "sexy-section" on just one side,, hate almost everything about that dress. (see? that's the reason i leard to sew).

So i changed this one :

into that one :

i have no more time to preparing the detail process of me making the dress,,, just showing you what i got. first,,,, i disassemble all the stitch in the skirt,,,, then i place the pattern i already made on the fabric. so chalanging,,, because i had to adjust the pattern so it would fit on the ex- cramped skirt. and dont forget to make sure every lines meet their friends. because its tartan,, you would ruin everyhing if they dont.

I also use the black cotton i used in making mu sister's dress to make this dress"s pleats. because without pleats,,, it wont fit my hips.

after finishing the dress,,, i found out that the dress makes me look round. so i add these details on the waist.

and taraaaaaaa:

look !!!! i (and my little red backpack) biked to school!!!

well,,not realy,,, just sharing the photograps my boyfriend took during the photo session

the color of my first collection


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

photosession outfit

i had this date and photosession for my crochet blog last wednesday in beautiful bogor botanical garden.

look at my outfit. black dress, black jeans, black shoes,, black shawl,, the only colour that i added is the purple crochet bolero that supposed to be the star.

i should've updated my blog, but i cant decide which picture should i use. i fall in love with the photographer. he make me fee soooooo pretty. hihihi,,,,,,,,

well,, meet the photographer