Friday, November 19, 2010

plain white shirt forth look : School Rocks

I learn in textile class that plaids means "good girl" thats why it usualy used as private schools(and my school) uniform for girls

and guess what perfect accessories for a "good girl"!!

plain white shirt third look : Play time

Make it casual:

mix with my old t-shirt that i had since i we're not a hijabist

and the bracelet is the nekclace on previews post

plain white shirt second look : Back to Basic

Just mix with my favorite little black dress

and the accessories

plain white shirt first look

hey there,,, i'm finnaly blogging again,,, i found this quiz from hijabscarf

so let me try

plain plain plain,, perfect for accesorizing

love this birdie from cache cache

and of course my signature hijab style

Saturday, November 6, 2010

love my jersey skirt hate my wedges

Hey there,,,just wanna share my look again. 2nite we came to this big event,,, and unfortunately we're the uninvited. oups,,, so we just hanging around

Sorry,,, bad quality picture. i accidentaly left my camera in the car after i took this picture :

i tried another hijab style with pashmina and granny's bandana(and my "granny's glasses") what do you think? do i look like sooo granny???

Monday, November 1, 2010

Behind the scenes

last friday we have my very own first photosession in jogja with two very beautiful girls and the other 2 talented photographers for QAy's catalog and 2011 calendar. sooooo exited

after the photosession,,, i went back to hotel and prepared cos i'm gonna see my boyfriend's fam for the first time then we go to jogja fashion week. here's my outfit

hmm.... ZARA should pay me for this

look at my hijab. i finnaly have confidence to wear that style of hijab

the plan was,, i want my model also wear this hijab style. but practically,,, i'm not a stylist. and i was so overwhelming by that photoshoot. you have no idea how does it feel to be a designer, stylist, producer, in one time,, and most of all,, for the very first time. i barely cant sleep the night before. just do as much as i can. but so far,,, i love the result. REALLY REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!!thanx guys,,, cant stop scrolling on the folder to see the pics