Monday, May 31, 2010

my logo

still need revision,, what do you think?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

green modified shirt

this time,, i made this empire line shirt for my self . i used the same buttons i used when making my sister yellow dress and fabrict i bought to her but she didn't like. i dont know what is it,, but i really dont like it. it's always looked rumpled.

i add double pleats in right and left side each as details and made bell sleeve with the hemisphere. but i had no time to take more picture because i had terible problem with my stomach

Saturday, May 22, 2010

my little talented designer sister

few days ago,,, i found out these pics she made. check her blog here

comparing with sketch i made after taking the fashion design class,,

hmmmm,,,,,does she had more talent than me?

Monday, May 17, 2010

why covering your hair if showing where your bust????

i owe this post to my mom about a week ago,, I had just had time to write rite now.

about last 2 saturday ago,, my moms saw a hijabist girl with something like little vest made of denims,,,, well,, i imagine something like this:

well,, i dont need to tell you again,, about the hijab rule( i'm kinda a rule breaker though) . but hijab should cover almost your everything. and my question is,,,,,, why would you bothering to cover if you wearing something which said "hello,,,, these are my boobs"

so,, if you're hijabist,, maybe you dont know,, ( but please do not act like you dont wanna know) i'll let you know,, that your outft shouldn't :

-has cutting around your bust( above like bustier,, below {exactly on your bra line},, or worst,, exactly on your full bust line)
-has terrible detail on your bust( in color, aplique, or textured)
-has a acessories around it( usualy necklace, get it shortened!!!)
-make your bust as point of view

here i show you some pics you shouldn't be inspired

and gurls,,,,, face it that bolero and mini vest is not for you!! you still can look fabolous without it,,,, instead o wearing bolero,, you can wear cardigan,,, and you can chacge your mini vest with a real vest

Sunday, May 9, 2010

yellow dress

met another sister of mine,, nisa,,

she's wearing the dress that i made for her,,

making this dress isn't as easy as gesigning it,,,, much harder than i could ever imagine,,, the hardest part isn't making the pattern or sewing it,,, it only takes 2 days,,, but i spent almost 5 days just to do the finishing,,,, if you could see the neck and armhole area,,,, well,, my own design is killing me!!!! i dont wanna use layers in,, because i think it's gonna ruinning all the whole dress. the fabric is something like semitransparant cotton,and if you can see what i want for the waist area,, you would know what i mean. i just didn't know that making this little edging could be so chalanging.

i like these buttons,,, so simple and so pretty

a little thing from a litle skill part 1: phone case

Hey gurls,,, can you knit???? maybe a little,, like me,,

well,,, i'm giving you an idea,,, to make your knitting learning become more fun,, or you just so bored of making another shawl,, but all the stitch you know are knit and purl,, so i made this lovely ( i think) phone case

here's all you need :

later i found out that you need these stuffs too

then make a simple piece of stokinete about 3 times longer then your cellphone's widht and not wider than your cellphone's length,, because naturally it will fit your phone,,, just like t-shirt to your body,, they're elastic.

fold folowing this pic and sew both sides

i made this simple crochet flower and sew it with the buttons

and TARAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

you can make it in less than 2 hours,,,

i have one tips for you,,,, if you have a very litle skill in knitting,,, you just know stokinete,,,, use unique yarns,,, thet has a textured,,, like these:

Have fun!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

to do list #1

- call the graphic designner to design my logo ( checked)
- email him about my concept( well,, i'm doing it)
- get my logo done
- register my brand
- find a label maker
- call it
- get my label done
- check my place
- make designs for my newest colection
- try to get internship in real boutique
- find the interior designer
- hire the tailors
- train them
- go to cipadu & majestik to get all that's needed
- make my first colection's rough pattern
- direct my tailor to finished them out
- call the t'shirt maker to make the turtle neck and it's friends
- get it done
- design my jeans
- go to bandung and order it
- get it done
- design the accessories
- order it,,
- get it done
- design shoes and belt
- go to jogja and order it
- get them done

hmm,, what else?

why should you be ashamed?

hei gurls,,, i've been reading some of girls style blog,,, and found one similarity on them,, they have some article that only consist of their look,,,, what they wear everyday,,, welll,,, that part is always be my fave,,, i love fashion!!!! and i like girls who share's their taste of fashion. good job girls!!!!

what makes me so sad is,,,,,, below the photo of they look usualy there's all the detail writen. such as: shoes by : prada, jacket by :guess,,, etc,,, BUT,,,,,, if the items they wear is not from famous brand,, or just local one,, they just write : " unbrandeed shirt " oh helllllllowwwwwww,,, i knew where you got that shirt!!

so,, why sould you be ashamed only for not wearing ZARA or GUESS? if you do love fashion ,, love your look,,and really appreciate it,,, you should appreciate every creative side who design and create every piece of your pretty look,,, not only the high price one,, or you dont need to write the detail at all!! be fair!! if you dont know what or who is it,,, take it off,, turn in nside out,, check the back area,,, the label is usualy there.

umm,,, OK,, i'm giving you my look for yesterday

dress: mineola (anyone ever heard that?) , pants: levi's , balerina cardigan : zara ( owh i love this one!!!!!! ) shoes: fladeo, bag: malioboro ( i swear there's no label in that), headscarf: shafira ( oh you sould feel it,,,, so soft,,, so floaty,,, the color is always good in me ,,, the only thing i dont like is,,, it's too narrow,,, i have to make sure they cant see my hair everytime i wear it)

i heard this kind of statement a couple of times( not to me,, they wrote it) " why are you so proud of wearing mark&spencer(zara,giordano,,you named it)? in america,, it's just of middle class brand. well,,,, for me that's a very very wrong reason for not wearing them,,,,,, what does the statement 's trying to say? ooh,,, you dress up to show your social status?? what is so wrong being middle class???

for me, every class who create those faboulous fashion,,,, deserve to get your appreciation if you wear them and love what you wear.

if you read it,, sorry for making you hate me,, i'm just telling you what's in my mind