Wednesday, June 9, 2010

recycle dress

I used to have this "taylormade"-boring-wool-skirt long time ago. But as long as i can remember, i only wore it twice. Hate the shape,, hate the way the tailor add the darts,,, hate the "sexy-section" on just one side,, hate almost everything about that dress. (see? that's the reason i leard to sew).

So i changed this one :

into that one :

i have no more time to preparing the detail process of me making the dress,,, just showing you what i got. first,,,, i disassemble all the stitch in the skirt,,,, then i place the pattern i already made on the fabric. so chalanging,,, because i had to adjust the pattern so it would fit on the ex- cramped skirt. and dont forget to make sure every lines meet their friends. because its tartan,, you would ruin everyhing if they dont.

I also use the black cotton i used in making mu sister's dress to make this dress"s pleats. because without pleats,,, it wont fit my hips.

after finishing the dress,,, i found out that the dress makes me look round. so i add these details on the waist.

and taraaaaaaa:

look !!!! i (and my little red backpack) biked to school!!!

well,,not realy,,, just sharing the photograps my boyfriend took during the photo session

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