Friday, July 2, 2010

FRI fashion review

I've already show you on my last post about my first catwalk moment,,. to be fair,, i'll make a review about another outfits on the same show,, not included mine. before you get angry gurls,,, its not really about the knitting/crochet works. but it's about the whole outfits,,,


love something simple. the top is star,, simple jeans is perfect match for the shining star.believe me it's not just ordinary t-shirt. i touched the fabric.. so soft and very fined knitting work.

so in love with the idea,, but we found dificulties to get a model to wear it. she should be so skinny and "has no breast" or the empire line would be on the bust line. ugly.

i hate the bolero at the first time i saw it,, but when we mix it with that denim dress,,,,, WWWOOOOOW!!!! i cant believe wearing multicolor granny square could be this cool. i though it would be like this:

to much happening on the dress. textures,,cutting,,and that blink2 on the neck area,,,,( i told the designer" no blink please!!!!")
but with beautiful simple knitting bolero,,,well,,thats fined.

AND THE WINNNER IS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

maybe next time you shouldn't make it in size zero :-)


the dress is the star. so beautiful

the shawl is another star. they'e shouldn't be mixed

i mean the last maxi black dress. for me,, aeolian is the most beautiful knitting worrks. i just dont like the black dress. makes the model looks 20 years older

the hiperbolic thing is cute and inovative idea. but not for something wearable.

cute cardigan anyway,, but wrong size for the model,, wrong dress for the top,, wrong look for the model ages. (again)


i swear without the shawl,, i'll make it best dress winner

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