Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burqini vs swimwear

Today is tuesday. means,,,, it's my swimming day!!!! yuhuuuuu,,,,,,,,, I'm not really a swimmer actualy,, i can swim,, but not as good as those athletes. I swim just because i hate sports!! i hate being sweaty,,, and from all those spotrs i hate,, well,, for me swimming is the only way to keep me in shape,, so,, i swim 3 times a week,, each takes about 30 minutes.urgh!!!

like usual on weekdays, i swam in public swimming pool near my house,, just need a few steps to get there. and just like always,, i looked diferent!! no one look like me!!

the problem is,,, i'm full time hijabist (well,,80%-90%)So,, here,,, i'm talking about burqini. For me,, burqini is unnecessary (gotcha!!!!! i look diferent not because i wear burqini! i'm the only one who don't. i wear regular swimsuit). What do you think? burqini = swimwear+ hijab . is that where the idea come from?? now i'll tell you my opinion why it doesn't work:

hijab should :
-cover all of your body exept your face and hands
-not form fitting to the body
-not be semi transparent. or transparant
- be thick to prevent the shape of the body from being seen

swimwear should:
- elasticity and stretch
- form fitting your body so you can be free to swim

see?? they can't be mixed. look at these picture!

i will never ever wear it!! they can see my boobs,,my legs,, my waist shape,,everything exept my hair. what's the point????,,, or maybe you wear something like this pic ?

it's hijab,, but not swimwear,, i hate it when i swim and those extra fabric flying everywhere because it doesn't form fitting!!! very disturbing

so,, my sugestion is,,
- ask your local public pool do they have female-only-day , just swim on dat day!!!
-it would be great if you have your own pool,, you can swim anytime
- if you are hijabist,, public waterpark is not for you! just face it! wet is not suitable for your hijab
- public beach too!!! just sit on the sand and have fun with it!! (keep your clotes on)hehehe.

unless there's only female around you(especially moeslim) you only need to cover your waist area to your knee.. soooooo,,, if you wear burqini to swim,, it's your choice. but please leave those girls who show a litle bit of their arm and shoulder up alone,, oke?? please,, get a life

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