Monday, April 26, 2010

Crochet do and dont

Well,, maybe some of you have already known me from my previous blog. As you can see,, i'm a crocheter,,, i'm addicted to yarn and hook..

and now,, i have some tips for you who want to wear your work,, or maybe buy some crochet oufit

Do :

- for you who live in tropical country,,, only wear open work crochet for your outfit! if you do like textured crochet,,, apply it to a bag!! look at this angelina's Darel Syracuse bag!! don't we love it?????????

- monocrhome color for your crochet!! classy. OK,, two is the maximum number!!

- just one item of crochet in every look

- cotton and fine yarns only

- add some crochet detail to your basic


- detail on your bust and butt area! especially in round shape

- big round detail on tummy area! dat makes you look pregnant!! (it's for you too preggo girls!!!!)
- to many color!!! crochet gives you a heavy look,,, so be smart!

poor cate blanchett,, she looks like she should change her name into "cate blanket"

-crochet head to toe! thats not cute!

-bulky yarn! heavy,, and stiff,, you wont wear it twice! believe me!!i know,,

last,,,,, it's so risky to wear crochet work,, so be careful,, you can be faboulous or weird,,