Saturday, November 6, 2010

love my jersey skirt hate my wedges

Hey there,,,just wanna share my look again. 2nite we came to this big event,,, and unfortunately we're the uninvited. oups,,, so we just hanging around

Sorry,,, bad quality picture. i accidentaly left my camera in the car after i took this picture :

i tried another hijab style with pashmina and granny's bandana(and my "granny's glasses") what do you think? do i look like sooo granny???


  1. halloo ayun :D, HFW itu di undang sama modest theorynya langsung, kalau mau ikutan yang sekarang uda tutup, ga bisa lagi kata doi, mungkin next time , kita bareng2, email aja ke modest theorynya langsung... :D