Monday, May 3, 2010

why should you be ashamed?

hei gurls,,, i've been reading some of girls style blog,,, and found one similarity on them,, they have some article that only consist of their look,,,, what they wear everyday,,, welll,,, that part is always be my fave,,, i love fashion!!!! and i like girls who share's their taste of fashion. good job girls!!!!

what makes me so sad is,,,,,, below the photo of they look usualy there's all the detail writen. such as: shoes by : prada, jacket by :guess,,, etc,,, BUT,,,,,, if the items they wear is not from famous brand,, or just local one,, they just write : " unbrandeed shirt " oh helllllllowwwwwww,,, i knew where you got that shirt!!

so,, why sould you be ashamed only for not wearing ZARA or GUESS? if you do love fashion ,, love your look,,and really appreciate it,,, you should appreciate every creative side who design and create every piece of your pretty look,,, not only the high price one,, or you dont need to write the detail at all!! be fair!! if you dont know what or who is it,,, take it off,, turn in nside out,, check the back area,,, the label is usualy there.

umm,,, OK,, i'm giving you my look for yesterday

dress: mineola (anyone ever heard that?) , pants: levi's , balerina cardigan : zara ( owh i love this one!!!!!! ) shoes: fladeo, bag: malioboro ( i swear there's no label in that), headscarf: shafira ( oh you sould feel it,,,, so soft,,, so floaty,,, the color is always good in me ,,, the only thing i dont like is,,, it's too narrow,,, i have to make sure they cant see my hair everytime i wear it)

i heard this kind of statement a couple of times( not to me,, they wrote it) " why are you so proud of wearing mark&spencer(zara,giordano,,you named it)? in america,, it's just of middle class brand. well,,,, for me that's a very very wrong reason for not wearing them,,,,,, what does the statement 's trying to say? ooh,,, you dress up to show your social status?? what is so wrong being middle class???

for me, every class who create those faboulous fashion,,,, deserve to get your appreciation if you wear them and love what you wear.

if you read it,, sorry for making you hate me,, i'm just telling you what's in my mind

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