Monday, May 17, 2010

why covering your hair if showing where your bust????

i owe this post to my mom about a week ago,, I had just had time to write rite now.

about last 2 saturday ago,, my moms saw a hijabist girl with something like little vest made of denims,,,, well,, i imagine something like this:

well,, i dont need to tell you again,, about the hijab rule( i'm kinda a rule breaker though) . but hijab should cover almost your everything. and my question is,,,,,, why would you bothering to cover if you wearing something which said "hello,,,, these are my boobs"

so,, if you're hijabist,, maybe you dont know,, ( but please do not act like you dont wanna know) i'll let you know,, that your outft shouldn't :

-has cutting around your bust( above like bustier,, below {exactly on your bra line},, or worst,, exactly on your full bust line)
-has terrible detail on your bust( in color, aplique, or textured)
-has a acessories around it( usualy necklace, get it shortened!!!)
-make your bust as point of view

here i show you some pics you shouldn't be inspired

and gurls,,,,, face it that bolero and mini vest is not for you!! you still can look fabolous without it,,,, instead o wearing bolero,, you can wear cardigan,,, and you can chacge your mini vest with a real vest

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