Monday, May 3, 2010

to do list #1

- call the graphic designner to design my logo ( checked)
- email him about my concept( well,, i'm doing it)
- get my logo done
- register my brand
- find a label maker
- call it
- get my label done
- check my place
- make designs for my newest colection
- try to get internship in real boutique
- find the interior designer
- hire the tailors
- train them
- go to cipadu & majestik to get all that's needed
- make my first colection's rough pattern
- direct my tailor to finished them out
- call the t'shirt maker to make the turtle neck and it's friends
- get it done
- design my jeans
- go to bandung and order it
- get it done
- design the accessories
- order it,,
- get it done
- design shoes and belt
- go to jogja and order it
- get them done

hmm,, what else?

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