Sunday, May 9, 2010

a little thing from a litle skill part 1: phone case

Hey gurls,,, can you knit???? maybe a little,, like me,,

well,,, i'm giving you an idea,,, to make your knitting learning become more fun,, or you just so bored of making another shawl,, but all the stitch you know are knit and purl,, so i made this lovely ( i think) phone case

here's all you need :

later i found out that you need these stuffs too

then make a simple piece of stokinete about 3 times longer then your cellphone's widht and not wider than your cellphone's length,, because naturally it will fit your phone,,, just like t-shirt to your body,, they're elastic.

fold folowing this pic and sew both sides

i made this simple crochet flower and sew it with the buttons

and TARAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

you can make it in less than 2 hours,,,

i have one tips for you,,,, if you have a very litle skill in knitting,,, you just know stokinete,,,, use unique yarns,,, thet has a textured,,, like these:

Have fun!!!!

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