Sunday, May 9, 2010

yellow dress

met another sister of mine,, nisa,,

she's wearing the dress that i made for her,,

making this dress isn't as easy as gesigning it,,,, much harder than i could ever imagine,,, the hardest part isn't making the pattern or sewing it,,, it only takes 2 days,,, but i spent almost 5 days just to do the finishing,,,, if you could see the neck and armhole area,,,, well,, my own design is killing me!!!! i dont wanna use layers in,, because i think it's gonna ruinning all the whole dress. the fabric is something like semitransparant cotton,and if you can see what i want for the waist area,, you would know what i mean. i just didn't know that making this little edging could be so chalanging.

i like these buttons,,, so simple and so pretty

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