Saturday, September 4, 2010


Dear reders,,(if you're exist) i need to confess before my blog going nowhere. First time i made this blog,, it supposed to be hijab fashion blog,, like hega rehab or any other blog like that. but i have to admitt( finnaly) that i'm not a writer,, not fashion jurnalist,, not criticus,, i observe fashion sometimes ,, but not an observer. and maybe i'm not really a fashionista . i tried to fit in to that community,,, but it feels to hard for me to be in.

i dont know how to write,, or make a review,, and i dont have that confidency to show my face in public

So,, im gonna back to be the true me. be my self. i'm a crafter. look at my old blog! see??? i like to create,, or recycle,, from nothing to something. especially something that i can wear. i dont know if that makes me a fashionnista or not.

then,, from now on,,, this blog will more likely about my creation. i would still write about fashion like any other hijab fashion blogger,, or put my look pictures,, but i wont push my self that hard anymore( because that's what makes this blog is almost death besides i've been too busy preparing my own line)


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