Friday, September 17, 2010

summer knitted top

my second finished knitting project.

well,, my boyfriend wasn't here. he used to take almost every picture about my creation. so i tried to be miss independent now. i took my own pictures . how is it??

i'm so tired of wearing plain white t-shirt under almost every little dress i made when i have to make a picture of it. so i decided to borrow my sister's prisoners shirt. dangerous idea,, dont you think? with baby pink,, and wide pipe blue denim pants.

the detail in this top is hpw i make the lower part become A-line,,, and the ruffles and the flowers. about the flowers,, my plan was these buttons :

but i cant find them anywhere in my space. so i replace them with flower shape shell beads. unfortunately,, when i unpack my suitcase when i get to bandung,,, i found them. IN MY SUITCASE!!! i have no idea how they could be there.