Saturday, September 4, 2010

cheongsam make over

i've been inspired with this girl. she recycle old dress averyday. i cant work that fast.

So i started with the old things that has been in my closet for too long.

i'm not the kind of girl who send everything back or burn everything from "the guy from the past"when the story is over . i keep the nice materials. maybe it would be usefull sometimes. and the rest,,, will end up just like all my stuff.

it's gift fom my "ex-boyfriend" ( till recently i found out that more than a year after our relationship is started he declared in what he wrote that he doesn't have someone special. i know,,, pathetic. )

the reason why i would never wear it is ,,, i would feel just the way he feels when hanging out with me then accidentaly meet someone he knows. but in this case i cant tell the dress "go hide!" . i mean,,, look at the shape,, the color, and dont forget cheongsam has these on both sides,,

start from big hip line . how would you expext me to wear it so it would be hijab friendly?

So,, what should i do ?? sure,, manipulate this gift from mr.manipulator. started with this giant scissor

Get it short!!!!

paddy paddy paddy,,, go away!!!!

trim the edge by machine

HERE IT IS,,,,,,,,

the rest should be a bag,, but,,


to be continue

note :
love will find you behind the smiley friendly face, not the arogant one :-)

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