Wednesday, September 8, 2010

get shorter

At first,, i bought it for my self years ago. but when i brought it home,, i realize that it will be a cute maxi dress on my little sister. so i gave it to her. but know she's turning into a big girl. she's getting taller. so suddently,, yesterday i decided to change it into a little dress. not maxi or midi. so she can wear it ouside over jeans because i hate seing a hijabist girl,, especialy early tenagerslike my sister or "not to tall" girl wearing midi,, then insert jeans or an undergarment inside like legging or tights. the reason is not only what i mentioned before. but also it makes u look shorter.

In this dress,,, not only the length,, but i'll fix this unnecessary cord

so here it is,,,,,,,

i still have this extra fabric. i'm working on it,, ill post it latter

Tips for you.,,, if you're 15 or above and hijabist,, this kind of dress( with lot of elastic smocked details on top) is not cute on you at all. it's only look nice on little girl or junior high schooll girl with tiny body. But if you insist,, make sure the smocked is covered with your hijab or cardigan

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