Monday, September 20, 2010

express make over

4 am :This is my first day at school and i have no clotes at all. i mean it!!!! we ran out of clotes. the woman who usualy ironing our clotes hasn't come. so they're (my clotes i mean) abandoned and turned into clotes hill. seriously,,, i'm entering fashion school and all my "fashionable"items(i think) are in the middle of nowhere ( inside the hill actualy). i only had old items that never been wore anymore. most of them are my last school "fashion" elements. i supposed to be scientic,, mathemathician,, statistician, actuary,,, u named it. so just like any other girl in that faculty(almost) . my style is more concervative. i almost never wore them anymore . some of them become too small for me,, some is too old school,,some is mallfunctuon for hijab look,, some are in the colors that i dont really like,, and the rest,,,, well,,i just hate them. but i have THIS:

i bought it because we had a dresscode for book class photo session. and this one is the only batik shirt that i like( i like skirt more). but the problem is in the sleeves. not to long ,,not too short. you can see my elbow. i wore it once more when i go to work( but i quit later) over a long sleeved t-shirt. but it become so ridiculus. i hate it. later i try it over a ballon sleeved shirt. but not getting better. i cant wore it under a jacket or another outwear. check this out:

no hope. its a bellshape sleeves . i would grow some arm muscles if i wore it under an outwear. ugly. it's one kind of modest clotes that only look cute on unhijab girl. i didn't guarantee it would solve the problem,, but i have a solution. rite,, free the shirt from the problem sleeves

5 am : start unsew the sleeves

5.30 : start to seam the messy armholes

6.00 : my sewing machine is brokeen T_T. but lucky me i finished it

7 am : take a picture!!!!!!!!!!!

how do you think? below is my oufit today. i wore my sisters unironed pink t-shirt under ,, and one of the concervative skirt( not mine actualy,, its my sisters. mine is exactly like this but in green)

still have no convidence to walk in fashion school :'( . the worst is i forgot that we have id card photo session today. it's gonna be in my student id card all the year. i'm not sure about the dress. i wore no make up at all. do i look like designer gonna be?

look at my scarf. i dare you to find out how i wrap my scarf. ;-)

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