Friday, December 17, 2010

The 16 days challenge plan

2morrow is my first day on holiday . I had a plan,,, a view months ago,,, inspired by this girl,,

look at this pics :

i wish i could give you nicer pictures,,
those all are my creative ingredients,, so messy,, i took the pics about days ago,, i'm working on it

the plan was ,, clean those all before TODAY,,, organize all my creative stuffs,,, and start the chalange,, but then,, i accidentally (really accidentally) had to work on my old dreams,,, not just one dream, but 2 dreams,,, well,,thats nice oportunity,,, but it came too fast,, i had to save my second dream,,, no one gonna take it all away from me,, so here i am,, with 2 school (and a piles of homework) and 2 stores(3 actualy,, the last one is my dad's idea) to run in next couple of months,, i had no time to clean it up . T_T

well,, the chalange is: ,, i had to make/remake/fix/recycle any(fashion)thing from that pictures,, and my closet,, into something brandnew,, WITHOUT buying anything new(i mean the main ingredients,,cos maybe i still have to buy zipper or buttons,,, )for he next 16 days and publish it on this blog no longer than the day after.

but honestly,, with this crazy store-preparation ,, and those crepy homework, i'm not sure i can make it. but i really really still wanna do it,, so,, let's see

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