Sunday, December 26, 2010

16 days challenge : day 10

It's my mom's wedding dress,,, she found it yesterday and let me have it. i'm not gonna wear it for my wedding,, i want irish crocheted broken white dress or imitation of grace kelly's wedding dress. not shocking pink puffy kebaya like this.hahaha,,,,,,but it can be a fun statement jacket.

oowh,, my mom was so tiny

The kebaya doesn fit my dummy,, but at least you can see the opening system

bye bye button placked and buttons!!!

these buttons is older than me!! look at that!!!

Just like that!! done!!finish!!

Anyway,, it's my Qay's flare jeans ,, you can order it

1 comment:

  1. Wowww...u know what???two thumbs up for ur idea,, beautifull smart and young..
    keep the spirit Qay's!!!!

    I just found another inspiring blog..;)

    salam kenal yahhhh..