Friday, December 24, 2010

16 days challenge : day 7

i always love gems,,, i cant afford diamons,, but at least i have freshwaterpearl( because sea water pearls is still to much expensive for me),, jades,, shellbeads,, stonebeads,,, and swarovski,, oooh,, i love blinks so much

i'm gonna make charm bacelet with pendants that can be used as knitting stitch markers

my amunition

this is my secondhand swarovski storage,, so cute

the basic,, i bought it years a go in jogja,,,

AAh,, this beautiful flower shape bracelet from the past,,, gotta let it go,,

finnaly i had reason to cut this pears necklace

the original buttons makes me need third hand to put the bracelet on,, i changed it with charm bracelet buttons

i made ten pendants,, every one is unique,,different from another,

can be used as phone accessories or keychain,, the possibility is endless

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