Sunday, December 26, 2010

16 days challenge : day 9

i wanted this ESPRIT dress long time ago,,, really want it soo bad. but unfortunately,, the price is too high for my unemployed pocket. i really want it until i cant find it anywhere again. so saaaaad,,,, Then,, suddenly,, i found it in the middle of somewhere in Bogor when i and my boyfriend was having a date,,, And lucky me,,, it's only cost not more than a quarter from it's original price!!!!

But here's the problem:

it's the only piece and my size is six. i incist to buy it anyway,, with plan to resize it. And i did!!! yesterday!!

first,, unseam the darts and the side seam,and the zipper,,,

i keep the neckline and the armholes,,i wanted to shortened the length because midi skirt, midi tunic, midi dress,, all makes me look shorter,, i like maxi or mini. at least a litle above my knees. But in this case,, i dont wanna ruin the bottom edge part,, so i make a cutting in the middle,, in my fave part,, a little above my waist (it makes me look taller)

i used tha pattern i allready made for 6th day challenge. i have no time to make the new one.

After sew them back together again

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