Sunday, December 19, 2010

16 days challenge : day 1

Pretty Dress in ugly colors

I bought this dress long time ago,,, before maxi dress is so happening like now. Just becouse that's the only maxi dress that i found,, i love the dress but always hate the colors. i mean look at that!!! purple and blue and green and yellow,,, plus so much details going on that dres. let me show you!!

ruffles,,, pretty one

nice creative fabric

smocks!!! just like when i was in elementary school

ugly embroidery

so here's the idea,, based on my logic( stupid logic),, since the darkest(and i though darkest= strongest) color on that dress is purple,, if i dye it in purple,, so everything would be purple,, is it???

and these are my amunition:

- hot water,,
- red and blue textile coloring (red+blue = purple)
- salt( hope my mom doesnt mad at me)

find the right puple,,,

bye bye ugly color,,

,,, about 2 hours later( cos i had to go) doesn't seem to change a lot,, i took it into the purple water again,, lift it up the next.
morning and dry it

and this afternoon:


unlike my expectation,, not perfect,, i only succed to reduce the noise,, but failed to kill the yellow

yeah,, but not so bad