Friday, December 24, 2010

16 days challenge : day 6

My fastest sewing project ever!!!!! I started the pattern at 2.00pm and finish the dress at 0.00 am.
starting with 2 metre of this fabric:

Tracing from my basic pattern. hope i'm not getting bigger so it should still fit me

I wanna make a little dress. i always love little dress. you can wear same jeans, same shirts,, but with different little dress you can look so different. i want the top part of the dress has diagonal textures but the bottom has no finishing. so i cut the fabric this way:

no need carbon paper,, i sew based on the knotch i made before

oups,, i forgot to take the picture for lining

the fun part is finishing!!! NO FINISHING,, more appropiate if you call it "destroying". pull the edges string by string..


So here's the dress:

unfinish edge

i wore it to check my store,, it's still been renovated,,here's my first choice for pink,,

i kinda hate it,, it sould be removed with another pink

oh,, all those pink ang blue look same for me,, confusing

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